Nothing sharpens your focus like racing and nothing sharpens our appetite to be the best we can than pushing our bikes and ourselves to the limit. Our Whyte team have scored multiple wins and podium positions from the lunatic 38km long glacier to valley bottom Mega Avalanche enduro to National championship XC or ultra distance MTB Orienteering and endurance racing events. Our design team have Elite level bike racing, top level Formula 1 and World Championship sailing honours in their personal histories. Our Whyte Racing team also includes engineers from Bentley and we sponsor the young drivers at the RenaultSport F1 Academy. Racing is in our blood and it generates invaluable information for our designers. In other words our race crew don’t just kill it on course they’re a fantastic research and development resource who are permanently tweaking and tuning their own rides to find extra speed and performance that we can integrate into our production bikes.

Even at the highest level of competition we never lose the fact that bikes shouldn’t just be ultra fast, they should be super fun. That’s why we were one of the first brands to use confidence boosting, trail style geometry on our XC race bikes. That means our racers can smash straight over the top of climbs and open an even bigger gap on the descents. It’s why our Enduro bikes have always pushed the envelope when it comes to geometry evolution and why our parts kits are loaded with speed boosting spec. It’s why when you meet our team riders at an event you’ll find them buzzing and laughing, not looking like being sponsored is a life sentence.

Because we make bikes you’re gagging to ride you’ll want to ride them more, however bad the weather or ruined your legs. Lifetime suspension bearings mean they’ll always be ready to roll whether you’re sticking a number on, scalp hunting on Strava or just ripping up your local trails and roads as fast as possible too. Because we all know that however fast your fast is, going faster is always more fun.