We’ve downsized everything except the performance, so you can start them right with a Whyte. Our Junior and Youth bikes set a new standard for MTB performance and make the gift of a truly great kids bike more affordable.

“The excellent Whyte 403 offers a ‘grown up’ ride while serving up lashings of confidence, reliability and above all fun to the most important mini-shredder in your life” Enduro mtb

All the Whyte Trail Hardtail DNA is present and correct in the all-new 20” 203. Boasting a light-weight multi-butted SCR frame with full internal cable routing, it combines a lightweight 35mm offset rigid alloy fork with high air-volume tyres to increase control and stability for novice riders. On the 403 & 405, a specific lightweight tubeset - not just sawn-off versions of adult pipes - shrinks climbs and puts a tailwind into every ride. We’ve downsized our maximum confidence Trail geometry and fitted air sprung forks that properly work for lighter pilots so their rides are full of thrills not spills. SRAM NX or Shimano single ring transmissions gives simple, instinctive, sequential shifts but still have the gears for every climb and a chainset sized for shorter legs.

We’ve even stripped down the spoke count on the 26in wheels and fitted the same grippy front, fast rear tyre combinations as our full-sized trail bikes, so they’re fast and fun, and make every adventure easier.