About us


Proven worldwide

Since Whyte began in 1999, our motto has been “performance by design”. Our core R&D team, based in the West Central UK, near the world famous bike parks of Wales, live, ride, test and design on the roads and trails in the UK's infamous conditions. We know what it’s like to be wet and cold and trying to operate a seat-post quick release with frozen fingers - that’s why you’ll see that ours has a bigger lever than anyone else’s. It’s also why you’ll find Crud-Catcher mounts on our mountain bikes (we’ve spent too many afternoons picking grit out of our eyes after lunchtime rides not to), and it’s why we’ve taken a unique approach to geometry, designed to inspire confidence in all conditions on all different types of terrain.

We don’t just stick to the UK though - our race teams compete on existing and prototype Whyte bikes across the globe, from the gravity enduro circuit to endurance races in Nepal. It’s all valuable feedback that allows us to constantly improve our designs and make Whyte bikes better each year.

Whether we’re riding or perfecting new products in the workshop, we like to push the limits of what’s possible, starting with a clean slate and approaching problems logically, with the aim of creating bikes that we all want to ride and that will make you faster, more confident, and have more fun, whilst requiring as little maintenance as possible. It’s an approach that has won us a string of magazine tests and industry awards, including the prestigious UK Trail Bike of the Year Award in 2013 as well as the Woman’s Hardtail of the Year, Best Trail Hardtail and highest scoring 29er in 2015.

We could go on, but the proof is in the riding.