The true definition of freedom is that you can do what you want when you want. At Whyte that means a bike designed to work at its best whenever you need it to and whatever the weather.

Obviously it helps massively that we’re a proudly British company, who do the vast amount of our relentless development riding to work in the same - often grim - conditions as you. That’s why the bearings behind our anodised suspension caps are far tougher than those you’ll find elsewhere. Specific limited rotation high load bearing sets that aren’t just protected with the caps themselves but also an extra layer of grease we spent years finding. They’re even lifetime warrantied so in the unlikely event you do manage to wear them out we’ll send you a free replacement set as a prize for your dirt dedication.

It’s why we’ve developed unique weather proof clamping systems for the seat posts of any bikes likely to see excessive amounts of weather. Our internal cable routing is carefully sealed to stop water getting inside the frame and our unique BBX and DOX features make the normal nightmare of servicing internal cable routing or adding a stealth dropper post blissfully simple. All our Hardtail trail bike frames have dedicated mounts for spray stopping Crud Catcher guards on the down tube too. Total user freedom is also why our cross and gravel frames have dropper post routing as well as mudguard and rack mounts because road bike looks and commuting practicality shouldn’t stop you getting rad on a weekend.

In other words, we work very hard to make things easier for you. That’s because we know that sometimes the smallest things matter most of all. We’ve stood on an icy road side mending punctures in the dark, had a complete melt down trying to thread badly routed cables or missed the ride of the year because of a worn out part we couldn’t get replaced in time. And while finding solutions to the frustrating niggles of biking isn’t a limelight life, it’s definitely one of the most satisfying things we do.