Every bike we sell is set-up specifically to fit your specifications.  Once you've placed your order, our mechanics will build your bike 100%, making adjustment to the fit and suspension set-up based on information you provide, take a short test ride to bed in the brakes, run through the shifting, and make sure the bike is working as it should.  If you request that your wheels be converted to tubeless (no extra charge), we will wait 1 day to re-box your bike to make sure the tires are 100% sealed and ready to ride.


After your mechanic has finished set-up and post test-ride tuning, the bike is carefully boxed and shipped to you.  When your bike arrives, you should inspect the box for any damage, and note the condition of the WHYTE LOGO packing tape.  If the WHYTE LOGO tape has been cut or replaced by normal clear tape, you must inspect the contents of your box very carefully.  Report any damage on the box to the parcel delivery driver if possible, take photos, and contact us.

The only assembly required by you will be the installation of the handlebar pedals (does not come with) and front wheel, and the adjustment of the seat-height (if your bike does not have a dropper-post, then your saddle/seatpost assembly will need to be installed in the frame also).  After installing your pedals and checking the tire pressure, your bike will be ready to ride!


We will use the information you provide about yourself (height, weight, and riding style) to make baseline suspension set-up.  We adjust the air-spring pressure to achieve the recommended sag, then make adjustments to the rebound damping and compression damping to give the set-up a balanced performance feel right out of the box.  Of course, we we can't know exactly what your favorite local trail is like, so after you've ridden your bike a couple of times, we can talk to you about the set-up and help you to make adjustments to dial in the suspension further if needed.

 For more information regarding your specific suspension components, click the link below:



Most bikes are spec'd with tubeless convertible wheels and tires.  If you'd like, we can make the conversion for you here, and save you from having the do the work yourself.  We use ORANGE SEAL Tubeless Sealant for our conversions.  We find it works well in most conditions and stays active for a long period of time.  For additional information regarding the tubeless technologies Whyte Bikes uses, please visit the links below.




The standard set-up for brakes in North America has the RIGHT brake lever activating the REAR brake.  Unless you specifically request we change it, your bike will arrive with the standard RIGHT/REAR set-up.