When Whyte first designed the T129 series, we had to come up with some innovative solutions to allow us to create a bike with short chainstays, 29in wheels, two chainrings and 120mm of suspension travel. The result was groundbreaking in 2012, and the T129 remains a benchmark for 29er trail bikes. But, for all that, we couldn’t help thinking that given the growing acceptance of single-ring set-ups, there was potential to make it even better.

In 2016 Whyte delivers special SCR (Single Chain Ring) models within the T129, T-130 and G-160 ranges. By limiting these bikes to a single ring system, we have been able to broaden the main pivot, increasing stiffness and bearing life, and it has meant we can use symmetrical chainstays (SCS), another Whyte innovation that further increases stiffness and better resists the twisting loads that occur under pedalling. On the trail that translates to improved cornering confidence, better suspension performance, greater accuracy and less maintenance.

All the SCR bikes use 1x11-speed drivetrains from SRAM or Shimano; drivetrains which pair a single ring with a wide ratio 10-42 or 11-42 cassette. In our experience over two years of testing, this set-up provides a sufficiently broad range of gears for experienced riders to comfortably climb most hills in the world, and the performance advantages – lighter weight and the ability to create a SCR frame – are unarguable.

When we released the original T-129 we helped shape the market, creating the shortest chainstays of any production full-suspension 29er; with the launch of our SCR/SCS frames, we’re taking things to the next level, all over again.