Building an ever ready bike isn’t just about the frame, it’s about equipping it right too. We don’t just mean blindly jumping on every passing parts bandwagon and asking you to make sense of the mess either. Instead Whyte have always worked way ahead of the curve with similarly radical component designers so we can integrate their innovations with ours and hit the ground running while others are still scrambling to react.

That’s why we committed to SRAM’s simpler, more durable and efficient 1x11 technology way ahead of others and matched it with our radical SCR frames for massive gains in stiffness where it matters most. We’ve stayed with proven tough screw in bottom brackets rather than squeaky, creaky press fit bearings though. It’s why we led the way with disc brakes and through axles on our dropped bar bikes, because why shouldn’t road and cross riders benefit from the extra control, safety and confidence they deliver? It’s why we developed our own carbon wheels to make sure they rode and survived how we wanted, and why we’ve adopted the obvious stiffness advantages of Boost width hubs. It’s why we spend days sessioning Welsh trails with stopwatches to underline our bikes with the best possible tyre match rather than just fitting whatever rubber we can get cheap. On the other hand if you’re wondering why we don’t have any Plus tyre bikes in our range it’s because after hours of testing we didn’t want to risk our reputation and your ride with under developed, unproven technology.

Because we all remember starting out riding when having to buy an inner tube or replace a broken part was a big dent in our finances we maintain our core practical performance values as far through our range as possible. All our Suspension bikes, 800 and 900 series Trail Hardtails, Gravel Adventure series and even our Kids bikes use single ring frames and transmissions as well as tubeless ready wheels and tyres. All our Mountain and Gravel Adventure bikes have stealth dropper post compatibility. We use disc brakes throughout our Road, Urban and Adventure ranges because they’re safer and use direct fit 160mm rear rotors as standard because 20% more power is more important than 20g less weight. Look through our specification sheets and you’ll not only find obviously excellent value equipment, you’ll find ‘hidden’ upgrades such as super reliable Shimano XT and Hope rear hubs where some brands will cut costs.

In other words, whenever you want to ride, your Whyte won’t just be ready it’ll be better equipped and longer lived than anything else you could choose.